Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year, New ???

What are you going to do differently in 2015? Anything?

I don't propose to make any big changes. I would like to put a new bookcase in the office and should exercise more. But I gave up resolutions last year. I'm doing something I like a lot better. I'm doing a Good News Jar.

All during 2014, I've saved my good news and will get it all out and review it going into 2015. I actually started out with a jar, but decided I didn't like printing out a lot of stuff. And besides, the jar got too full. So my Jar is more of an online Folder. I call it Attagirl. When I get emails I like, I label the Attagirl. I also do put some things into the folder. It will be fun to review all the positive things that happened in 2014. I hope I have an equal number of Good Things in 2015. And I hope all of you do, too!



  1. Good idea. I started the Happiness Jar a couple of years ago--an enormous and OLD Miracle Whip jar, the kind with a handle--but as with so many of these projects, I lost interest (or forgot about it) after about three weeks. The Attagirl I might be able to stick with. And I can put all the pennies back into the Miracle Whip jar.

  2. Yes, printing out emails was too cumbersome. I've set a day next week to go through my files and make me feel good--after my cold is gone.