Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blue Moons and Bestsellers

July has two moons this year! That means this is a Blue Moon Month. The first one was July 2nd and the second is the 31st, so you can see that they barely fit into the month. And actually, only the second one is called a Blue Moon. Maybe it’s sad that it has to share the month with the other one. Here’s some great info on this.

They’re not blue, of course, and I have no idea how they got that name.

I also have no idea how my novels got to be bestsellers, but I suspect it’s the covers. AND my readers! The first one, FAT CAT AT LARGE, got to the #18 slot at Barnes & Noble. It was also a Bookscan bestseller, but I don’t know the numbers for that. THEN, the second one, FAT CAT SPREADS OUT, placed #14 at Barnes & Noble.

It’s a race! Maybe FAT CAT TAKES THE CAKE (no cover yet) will make it to the New York Times list! One can dream. Especially when there’s a Blue Moon.

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