Thursday, May 26, 2016

Excerpt and giveaway reminder

The Goodreads giveaway is still going on, until the end of the month! If you're not signed up, why not try for one of the 20 paperbacks I'm giving away of FAT CAT TAKES THE CAKE. Six days left!

Here's an excerpt, just a small nibble from the beginning, so you can see if you'd like this series.

Chapter One
“That’s a lot of mail,” Anna Larson said. She was taking a short afternoon break, sitting on the squeaky stool at the work island in the kitchen of Bar None, the dessert bar shop co-owned by her and Charity Oliver, who was called Chase by almost everyone.
“Look!” Chase waved an envelope at Anna, her eyes bright and her cheeks red, partly from just coming in out of the early December cold, but partly because of excitement.
“If you held it still I could see it.”
Chase smiled at her business partner and surrogate grandmother. “I’ll do better than that. I’ll open it for you.”
“You know that’s a federal offense,” Julie Larson said.
“Julie.” Anna put on her stern grandparent look, which looked incongruous with her soft gray hair and her periwinkle eyes, much more used to smiling. “You don’t always have to be a lawyer.” Anna wore her usual bright sweater with a plain T-shirt and jeans. This sweater was a rough, burlap-like material in aqua and bright green, worn with a pale blue shirt.
“But it is, Grandma.” Julie, sitting next to Anna, nudged the older woman slightly and fished a marshmallow out of her cocoa with a spoon. Her eyes were identical to Anna’s, but set into a face that was forty years younger than Anna’s seventy two and ringed with dark brown hair. She kept her hair short and practical for her new job with Bud Ellison’s small real estate firm. Chase thought her good friend seemed much happier and more relaxed since she had left the District Attorney’s office.
“Your honor,” Anna began.
“That’s for judges, Grandma,” Julie said.

“Your high horse-ness, then. I give Charity permission to open my mail. Wait.” She took the envelope Chase was still waving in front of her. “Who is it from?” Anna looked at the return address. “It’s the Batter Battle!” She ripped the envelope open and pulled several sheets of paper from it, quickly scanning the cover letter. “I’ve been invited to participate in the Minny Batter Battle.”

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