Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bookmarks--A Poll

In anticipation of stirring up some interest at Malice Domestic, I just put together a file to take to the printer to get bookmarks made for FAT CAT SPREADS OUT. I haven't gotten there yet, though. In fact, I'm trying to decide something. Maybe you can help me.

There are two things I'd like to know.
(1) Does anyone ever use the QRC thing from a bookmark? I've used them in the past, but don't know if they're useful or not.

(2) Would you rather have a separate bookmark for each book? I have them for FAT CAT AT LARGE, so would eventually have 3 for this series. Or would you rather have both books (then all 3) on the same bookmark? I'm not so sure the colors go together for the two covers.

By the way, if you would ever like me to send you bookmarks, just shoot me an email and I'll send you some to distribute. (This is NOT an April Fools Joke!)


  1. We use QR codes for EVERYTHING. You could do one for each book, but have an 'also, check out' second in, in a less 'spotlight-y' space. There's also a great site for creating colored ones - both foreground and background - that we often use to make them sparkle a little more. - Author Heath D. Alberts, Marketing Director, Digital Ninjas Media, Inc.

  2. Kaye - I never use the QRC thing from anything, but then . . . I am a dinosaur. I think all three books on one bookmark would be lovely, even if the colors are different.

  3. I'll see what the third cover looks like soon, I hope. I'm having trouble finding a site for QRCs. They all want to give me a .png file. I found one that gives a jpeg, but I don't think it works!

    Thanks for the opinions! Much appreciated.

  4. I haven't used the QRC thing at all, and haven't added the app to my phone. Dinosaur I am, also...but I loved the first Fat Cat book and plan to read the next one soon!!