Thursday, November 19, 2015

Our Month

Hey, Quincy, this is our month! It’s National Pet Diabetes Month.

Neyland, Mary Ann Fisher's NOT fat cat

No, Quincy doesn’t have diabetes, but he IS fat and Chase has to guard against this disease. In case you have a heavy pet and wonder, here are some ways to tell if you should worry or not.

OK, that was help with diagnosis, but is there a support group for pet owners who had a furry pal already diagnosed? I asked people to post pet pictures, for fun, at Nose for Trouble this week. You can see the great response! However, one woman was seeking a support group. I’m asking
here if anyone knows of any.

I’m wondering why THIS month was picked. Maybe because so many people overeat at Thanksgiving? After all, it’s a holiday devoted to one huge meal. How can you not? Pets, however, don’t need to participate in that particular overindulgence. Instead, maybe they could get extra toys, or tummy rubs, or just lots of pets.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

May I Direct You?

May I direct you to the Killer Characters blog, where I’m running a giveaway of FAT CAT SPREADS OUT. I figure this is the season to spread out, with all the good holiday food coming up. After you see what Quincy has to say, if you want to spread out, or even curl up, with the second Fat Cat mystery, post your email address over there for a chance to win a copy!

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