Thursday, March 31, 2016


I haven't done much of this, but it's crazy time, so I'm repeating my Kaye George blog here, since it applies to both of us. (Both of me?) You'll see why below. Here's what posted yesterday in Travels with Kaye. If you've read that already, you can skip this and save yourself some time!

(But I will add that FAT CAT TAKES THE CAKE is on preorder for a reduced price right now! On Amazon as well as the places in the link at the bottom.)

Here goes:

OK, it’s time to admit it. I am crazy busy right now and I’ve been neglecting my blog. (But the word search was fun and I might do that again.) I’m promoting two new releases, one next week, another the week after. I might as well do it here, too.

 I have several guest blogs coming up. I hope these are ways to get people looking at me and my work.

I’ll be at the Henery Press blog April 1st, no joke!

For the week of the 4th, I’ll be hosting the facebook group, Nose for Trouble, as Janet Cantrell.

On the 7th, I’ll be at Kevin’s Corner. I WILL talk about my double releases there.

From the 11th through the 25th, there will be a giveaway at Linda Thorne’s blog.

Elaine Douts interviewed me for a Writers Who Kill post for the 27th.

In addition, Berkley Prime Crime has set up reviews from 76 people, plus an interview at Fresh Fiction and some blogs at other places.

I’m doing a signing at Books-A-Million in Knoxville for FAT CAT TAKES THE CAKE on April 24th, 2-4.

Also, watch for a Goodreads giveaway beginning the 5th. I’m giving away EINE KLEINE MURDER to promote the second in that series, REQUIEM IN RED.

So, here are the new books. FAT CAT TAKES THE CAKE on April 5th and REQUIEM IN RED on the 12th. HOWEVER, both are available for preorder if you need them right away.

Here are preorder places for Fat Cat:



Have a great April!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Something different

I've seen others doing these lately, so I'm trying one. A word search! To whet your appetite for FAT CAT TAKES THE CAKE. I'd love to know how you like it.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Meet Eddie Heath

I'd like to introduce you to a character who will appear in the next Fat Cat book, FAT CAT TAKES THE CAKE, coming April 5th. I wonder what you'll think of him! Click the link below for a bit from Eddie.