Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Season’s Readings!

For my post today, I’d like to send you away—over to the Killer Characters web page where giveaways started on November 25th and will go through December 24th. You’ll want to do this, if you like cozy mysteries, because there are giveaways every single day!

There are plenty of posts left, so whip over there, leave a comment, and you may just give yourself a holiday present.

I hope you win!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cats and Christmas Trees

We used to have lots of problems with our cats and our Christmas trees. One year we left the bottom one-third undecorated. That took care of batting off the ornament, but not of climbing the trees and sometimes knocking it over.

Another year, we stuck the tree in the playpen. It kept the dog off, but not the cats.

We finally hit upon a solution—we bought trees with such prickly needles that we had to wear thick gardening gloves to decorate them. Cats don’t like prickly needles!

I wonder if anyone has any other solutions to combining cats with Christmas trees.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Saints for Writers

 Santa Lucia is a holiday celebrated December 13th, especially in Sweden. I’ve never figured out how this Italian saint made it to Sweden—a Protestant country. 

But Saint Lucy, aka Saint Lucia, is also the patron saint of writers. We have to share this saint with a lot of others: the blind, martyrs (I thought they WERE saints), epidemics, salesmen, throat infections, and some physical locations.

Writers have another patron saint, Saint Francis de Sales, also Italian and from Geneva. We share him with journalists, confessors, deaf people, educators, and also some locations. His feast day is in January, so we seem to have most of the winter covered with patron saints. 

It would be nice to get some more for the other seasons. But it’s great to have two!

Pictures and information from Wikipedia