Friday, March 24, 2017

Cozy Author MIA

I hope my followers will bear with me.

I realize I haven't posted for a VERY long time. The Fat Cat series is not continuing, as most of my fans know. But there are 2 "howevers". (If you will allow me to use "but" and "however" in the same sentence.)

However, I continue to blog on Killer Characters on the 4th of every month. You can catch some excellent posts there by lots of cozy mystery writers.

However--and this is a good one--a brand new cozy series will begin in 2018 from Kensington's Lyrical Press line. I can't announce all the details yet, but a cat will be involved, a Maine coon named Travis. I'm very excited about this new series! I'm writing it as Kaye George, which is how I have written all of my other published work. This will be the first cozy series for me as KG, though. I hope you'll stick around and check things out occasionally.

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